What is maximum fair price?


Maximum fair price is a measure against hosting providers renting their rigs to themself under different account for high prices to earn large amount on CLORE Blockchain in hosting rewards. Before this update 40% of block reward was earned by hosting providers in proportion by how much they have rented their machine for.

This changes now with maximum fair price!

New hosting provider reward distribution

Explanation of new distribution:
1) Solely based on rental price (30% of hosting reward pool)
From 100% of hosting rewards we are keeping 30% of hosting rewards on the old system. 

2) Maximum Fair Price (70% of hosting reward pool)
CLORE.AI team assigns maximum fair price to every hosting provider. If hosting provider rents their machine for more than their Maximum Fair Price, it will not contribute to earning more CLORE Blockchain from this reward pool.
Maximum Fair Price is not recommend price for hosting provider, the ideal price is somewhat lower, it is maximum that we consider viable for the machine.

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