Distributed supercomputer that fits your needs

Access GPU computing nodes from community members all around the world...

Low Price

CLORE.AI is open marketplace for everyone, creating healthy economics system for you to benefit from

Per minute billing

Pay for just the right amount of time you need computing power, cancel anytime.

Always for you

There are so many system configurations for you, so you will always select the right one for your workload

Everything that runs in docker runs on CLORE.AI

What can CLORE.AI offer to you?

Powerful API

Automate deployments of your workloads to our servers


Fast access to cloud GPU instances for your needs

Become host

Offer your computing power on CLORE.AI marketplace

Our plans for the future

December 2022

🚀 Project launch

CLORE.AI marketplace was publicly opened for the masses
#Bitcoin is used for payments

Q1 2023

💵 USD implementation

Dollar payments will be implemented for our platform to be open to more potential customers and enterprises

Q1 2023

🌲 Tree planting

After our platform reaches profitability, we will donate 25% of profits towards planting trees, making the world a better place

Q2 2023

📈 Platform scaling & growth

We will work on code efficiency, so the platform can allow more providers to join and future marketing activity

Frequently asked questions

Any reasonably modern computer/server with NVIDIA GPU

You can forward up to 5 TCP ports to internet, which one of them can be runned through HTTPS proxy, so if you run any app with web interface you can connect securely to it.
You can run any docker image that is available on hub.docker.com or some of our ready to use images with ubuntu

We currently charge 2.5% fee from orders placed on spot market and 10% from on demand orders for bitcoin payments, for USD payments we charge 19.5% fee due to higher transaction fees + very low order creation fee (lower than $0.01)

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